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There are 5 categories of training packages to choose from, each carefully created to unleash an athlete's full potential. Every type of training package has the option to be fully online, or if you are local to the Santa Barbara area, you can choose to have private, in-person sessions with Coach Sue. Read below to learn more.

Running Package

This package is for running athletes of all levels and ages from beginners to elite who desire a fully customized running plan, which includes scheduled workouts, goal setting, running technique coaching, race season planning and mental strategies. Workouts are uploaded through the VDOT app and syncs to the athlete's GPS device to allow for in-depth analysis.

Strength Package

This package is for athletes who have goals of becoming stronger and faster and are custom made for all levels. Strength training workouts are uploaded to the athlete's personal TrainHeroic app where they can access workouts on-the-go via their phone, tablet, or PC. 

Running & Strength Combo Package

This package is perfect for the athlete who wants to become stronger and faster by receiving a tailor made running AND strength plan. Both plans will work together cohesively to ensure the athlete reaches their goals. This package takes advantage of both the VDOT app (for running) and the TrainHeroic app (for strength training). 

Race Specific Packages

This package is for the athlete who wants a race specific training plan. Coach Sue will create a 16-24 week plan (depending on the race length) and upload it via the VDOT app. Training plans are available for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon (if there is another race not listed here, contact Sue).

Private Training

If the athlete is local to the Santa Barbara area, private training is available for an additional fee. Pricing will vary depending upon number of in-person sessions. If interested, please click this link to contact Coach Sue for more information. 

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