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If you are looking for inspiration, accountability and a new workout routine to help you improve your overall health and wellness, I will design a program to help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small. Perfect for masters athletes who want to get faster, jump higher or throw farther.  My programs are also a great fit for high school or youth athletes who want to improve strength and agility for their sport.  I truly believe in this quote by Michael Jordan,  “If you put in the work, results will come.”  Your job is to do the work, leave the program design, and coaching to me.

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I have always been passionate about health and fitness. My training methods are built around the unique abilities and goals of each one of my client's, with the aim of not only transforming bodies, but also enriching lifestyles. Click below to learn more about me.

 "I am so grateful to Coach Sue. I was stalled before I found her and learned from her that I was overtraining and not getting enough protein. Now I feel so energized after every workout and am meeting all of the goals she has set for me. ​


     On top of that, her personal continually improving milestones are inspirational for me. I love that we are in this together along so many axes."​


—  Roxanne


Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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